the vendors.

Farm wedding photography

if you want to work with the farm. you have to be the BEST. The best we've seen & the best you've been.

we've been doing this for a LONG TIME. locally, in LA, Orange County, Italy, Hawaii, Chicago, NYC, Las Vegas, the list goes on.. We include an affluent list of happy clients under our belt. we know what's out there & we hold ourselves to ridiculously high standards, AS MUST YOU.

we require COMPLETE dedication to perfection for our clients & have respect for each vendors' individual talents as an art.

should you have the opportunity of working with us, we demand your COMPLETE discretion about clientele & highest level of professionalism at ALL TIMES.

our service style is precisely defined as silent service. if you are in the event industry to be "part of the party," we are not the company for you. we are just the garment short of WHITE GLOVE. many of our client's require non-disclosure agreements & our service is to be just that; guests are to be attended to & treated as guests of royalty, not colleagues at a party. Some events will require a security clearance.


- we work strictly on a referral only basis (if we have not worked with you/your team directly, one of our clients/vendors must have a referral for you).
- please be ready to share examples of your work; whether that be an open house, tasting, sample pieces, catalogs, or actual live event, please have your credentials ready for us prior to soliciting the farm.
- you MUST be local.
- you must not be commercialized.
- you must know the difference between organic, sustainable, & wild.
- you must be passionate about what you do.
- NO marketing buy-ins. you can only gain our friendship with a respectable product that exceeds our standards & we know our clients will love.


questions? think you can impress us? contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.