the venues.

wedding farm photography

whether you want authentic, fancy, forested, or mountain & valley views, we've been there.

self producing, water backdrop, animals, fields or treehouses, WE'VE SEEN THEM ALL. we'll help you narrow it down.

we've spent years working with & researching the local farms & venues.
we've done the work for you & investigated each property we offer IN PERSON. 

we've walked them, seen them, & smelled them. (trust us, that's very important!)

there are known places & hidden gems in our portfolio. all based on repertoire & details.

we work with both public & private venues. downtown & completely off the grid. farms, vineyards, lofts, warehouses, breweries & estates. hotels not so much. [only really special ones]

we provide a FULL SPECTRUM of options & will work with you based on your dream event. & budget, too.


most of all, we encourage a unique experience for your event & your guests. CUSTOMIZE. don't go where you've been. EXPLORE the great northwest & soak up some country.